Thursday, November 25, 2010

New rules for 2011 in the ECR

A teachers' meeting was held at the ECRO in Ottawa. Here are some items of which feis chairpeople, dancers and dance parents should become aware.

- There will now be a minimum of three age groups required in a syllabus for treble reel competitions at ECR feises.

-The policy for advancing from PW to PC shall be changed to require a first place in one soft shoe dance (reel/slip jig) and a first place in one hard shoe dance (treble jig/hornpipe) instead of needing wins in all four dances; effective January 1st, 2011. This change will be reviewed next Novemeber to measure its effectiveness.

-The combining of age groups in the grades shall be reduced from three to two.

-Non-GTA feises who desire some leniency with age groups due to smaller numbers are encouraged to write to the Regional Director and the Feis Liaison with requests in a timely manner for review.

-Dancers who compete prior to the official end of their adjustment period shall serve double the remaining time before competing again and a fine of $500 shall be deemed payable by the school. The school has the option to expel the dancer from their school, in which case the $500 fine will not be required. As such, it is every dancer's and every parent's responsibilty to verify the official end date of such adjustment periods with their new teacher. They are advised to ask their new teacher for an official copy of the transfer confirmation form.

-Effective January 1st, 2011, a $25 transfer fee to be payable to IDTACE must accompany all transfer applications.


  1. i believe the rule pertaining to qualifications from PW to PC is also at the discretion of the teacher.

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  3. Once the win in soft and hard has been achieved, the dancer is ELIGIBLE to move up. The teacher has discretion to decide when the child should advance once the dancer is qualified to move to PC by getting those firsts. Some teachers may allow the dancer to move up at the following feis, some may want the dancer to win several times and some may still require first in all four main solo dances.

  4. Does a first place win in a set dance allow a dancer to move to PC as well as a soft shoe first?