Sunday, December 19, 2010

Latest News - DEC 2010

With the year coming to a close, I shall write my final (I hope) entry with news from the last meeting of An Coimisiun of 2010. These are my own personal notes so the usual disclaimer applies. The word of CLRG and/or IDTANA supercedes what you read here, should there be a conflict of information.

-musicians for the 2011 AI have been selected; they include: Paul O’Donnell, Anthony Davis, Kevin Joyce, Orflaith Ni Bhrian, Dean Crouch and Frances Ward all doing half of the week and Sean O’Brien doing the entire week

-a third musician/instrument (banjo, fiddle etc.) shall be added for ceili competitions at the 2011 Worlds on Tue Wed / Fri Sat to heighten the atmosphere

-registering for website access will now include live-streaming of the ceili competitions at the 2011 Worlds; there shall be no opportunity for a team to opt-out of being streamed - all teams give their consent by registering for the competitions; it was clarified that live-streaming can not be copied or saved to a computer and that the screen size will be fairly small; this added feature is in response to feedback to include some dancing on the site

-City West is NOT full (yet) – people are not attempting to book using the correct system (the booking code) thus being told there are no rooms left; City West has since made the process even easier to book so hopefully people will get their bookings in very shortly; family rooms are booked out however the hotel will consider amending the current layout of King rooms by adding additional bedding where possible - contact them directly by phone to enquire

-City West is going to host “A Taste of Dublin” – an exhibition for the benefit of Worlds attendees who may otherwise not get the chance to go into Dublin to eat and drink like a local

-transit suggestions from Dublin airport to City West will appear on the CLRG website when such a list has been compiled

-the definitiion of a event with MAJOR status was officially noted as: the AI, the W, the NAIDC, the BNAT, the AS and the GB (events confined to a specific country did not qualify for MAJOR status, plus, all three British events have such status even in years they are not the official secondary qualifier)

-as such – an ADCRG who judges any listed major may not judge another listed major until after the end of that same major the following year (this shall be reviewed in the year where the AI moves to October so as not to create a loophole); this too is in repsonse to feedback given, this time in regards to adjudicators appearing too often on panels of major events

-wonder no more - the dances for Worlds and the North Americans for senior ladies/men are now on a set schedule. it is:

Worlds in EVEN years shall have Sr. Ladies dance R HP and Men dance R TJ eg 2012, 2014, 2016; ODD years shall then have Sr. Ladies do SJ TJ and Men do R HP eg 2011, 2013, 2015, therefore the NAIDC shall do the opposite meaning 2011 NAIDC will have R HP for Sr. Ladies and R TJ for Sr. Men.

-after discussion that 96 is too fast for the traditional St Patrick's Day, it was agreed to change the required speed from 96 to 94; this takes effect MAR 1st so as not to interfere with the All-Ireland

-here are the NAIDC locations/hosting regions as reported by our IDTANA president Lisa Petri

2011 Nashville/IDTANA
2012 Chicago/Mid-Am
2013 Anaheim/W US
2014 Montreal/E CAN
2015 Providence/NE
2016 Orlando/S US (different venue to 2010)
2017 New Orleans/Mid-At
2018 Orlando/IDTANA (different venue to 2016 and 2010)
2019 TBA/W CAN

-booking info for the 2011 NAIDC will go online FEB 1, as will the syllabus

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Final List of Official Judges for Worlds 2011

Before I begin with the intended topic, let me state straight-away that while the list of adjudicators published below is 100% accurate, the writing surrounding it is my own and thus not an official voice of the body of An Coimisiun. I am but one member who is sharing what I can to help everyone understand the situation a little better. My obligation as an attendee of the Coimisiun meetings is to share my notes with my fellow teachers but given it is the holiday season and perhaps not all teachers are around to pass my notes on to their dance families (including me), I am sharing some points on the blog. While I have made every attempt to ensure everything is accurate, whatever An Coimisiun says in any situation referred to below is the final word. Before making any travel plans, check with your teacher. "Ryan's blog said..." will not be accepted as a reason for erroneously booking flights to Dublin.

CLRG recently distributed the names for the panel for the 2011 World Irish Dancing Championships to all Coimisiun members, and they are shown below in alphabetical order. Voting took place at the meeting last weekend and the votes were counted straight away by independent tellers. Once the list was compiled, attempts were made to contact the successful candidates to confirm acceptance. 11 or 12 names (I don't have my notes handy to double-check) were announced at the meeting. The rest of the names remained private until the candidates were contacted. That should explain why the list was incomplete in the hours/days following the meeting. Three halls will run until Thursday; two after that. It was decided to hire four panels to keep the schedule running smoothly all day in order to finish the days at reasonable hours. That should explain why there are 20 names. Each panel will consist of five members. Each entrant's highest and lowest score per round will be discarded; something new this year and something requested by teachers and dance families around the world.

Along with this list comes disappointment, excitement and confusion; disappointment for those who are just learning they are unable to attend, excitement for those are learning they suddenly ARE able to attend and confusion for the reasons why.

Any dancer unable to attend due to a judging conflict, (either by their teacher being on the panel or an adjudicator with whom their school has a conflict such as a family relation or workshop connection or an adjudicator with whom an individual dancer has a conflict such as a family relation, a professional show conflict if the judge was a dance captain/choregorapher or if a dancer changed schools without serving a six month adjustment period due to moving or school closure) their WQ status is held over until Belfast 2012, provided they compete in 2012 for the school with which they qualified.

Their WQ status for Dublin 2011 gets passed onto the next dancer in the result at their Regional Oireachtas provided that dancer: a) recalled and completed the third round, b) will still compete for the school they represented at the Regional Oireachtas at Worlds and c) they too do not have an association conflict. Should the next dancer in line also have an association conflict, the dancer after them shall be invited and so on.

Should that next dancer in line opt not to go, has given up competing or has left the school with which they competed at their Regional Oireachtas, then no one further shall be invited.

The same bumping system applies in the case of qualifiers from the Secondary Oireachtas (in North America's case - the NAIDC) although there is no requirement that bump-up dancers have to recall or dance their set. However, they must have participated in their Regional Oireachtas for the same school as at the NAIDC.

It is very important to note that 2010 World Medal Holders will have already been skipped over at the qualifying events, so if it is a WMH who is ineligable to attend Dublin 2011, then their WQ status does NOT get passed onto the next available dancer in the result.

Figuring out who can't go and thus, who can, is fairly tricky in some cases as there associations not obvious to everyone. The onus is and has always been on each school to make themselves aware of their associations. Presently, there is no master list of schools affected by the association rules. Some of the adjudicators do not run classes so it is likely that some judges on the 2011 Worlds panel do not have any connections however they may have family members who teach and those family members may also have teachers in to do workshops. As such, I can't speculate as to who is free and clear (in case you are considering writing to me to ask).

There has been much speculation as to why judges can put their names in to judge, comments that they are in it for the money, and comments stating that workshops should be banned thus ending associations. I don't wish to comment on those points - everyone is entitled to their opinions. However, I have also read complaints about the same judges showing up time after time and complaints about judges without dance classes being out of touch. No system will satisfy anyone in anything in life. This system was brought about due to demand from teachers and dance families not in favour of previous systems. "The powers that be" can and do listen - but not to anonymous chatter on message boards. If you have anything constructive to contribute, you can talk to your TCRG or send an email to the address on this blog site at any time.

For those dancers who were next in line by a couple of spots and suspect a conflict which could lead to them being eligible to attend Worlds, talk to your teacher to start investigating. I will try to obtain more information on this issue but not until January.

Alison Reaney Brown Canada
Anne Reid Ireland
Antony Ferguson Ireland
Conleth Mullan Ireland
Denise Elebert Ireland
Eoghan O'Cuinn Australia
Gary Healy USA
Jackie Scanlan Ireland
Julie Loughlin England
Kathleen O'Keefe USA
Lisa Delaney Galal England
Mandy Hennigan O'Loughlin England
Miceal Hopkins Ireland
Michael Mullane USA
Noreen Redmond Loughran Ireland
Rose Kenny England
Sharon McCaul Kelly Ireland
Stella Moore England
Sue Fay Healy Canada
Vourneen McLoughlin Ireland

List provided by:
Máire Dixon
Office Manager
An Coimisiún Le Rinci Gaelacha.
B.A.C. 7

Notes and explanations provide by:
Ryan Carroll
ADCRG and regional rep to An Coimisiún Le Rinci Gaelacha.
Eastern Canada

Friday, December 3, 2010

Announcement of Judges for 2011 Majors

Judges for AI 2011
Caroline Greene Parfery Scotland
Frances McGahan Lees England
Francis Curley Ireland
Jimmy Smith Ireland
Kathleen Maguire O’Shea England
Kevin McCormack Ireland
Marie Moore U.S.A.
Michael Maguire England
Olive Burns Crowley Ireland
Russell Beaton U.S.A.
Ryan Carroll Canada
Thomas Bracken U.S.A.

Successful candidates in the ballot for NAN judges are being contacted to confirm their availability. The final list is expected to follow very soon.

Worlds judges will be voted for on Dec 12th; it has not yet been communicated as to when those judges will be announced.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

New rules for 2011 in the ECR

A teachers' meeting was held at the ECRO in Ottawa. Here are some items of which feis chairpeople, dancers and dance parents should become aware.

- There will now be a minimum of three age groups required in a syllabus for treble reel competitions at ECR feises.

-The policy for advancing from PW to PC shall be changed to require a first place in one soft shoe dance (reel/slip jig) and a first place in one hard shoe dance (treble jig/hornpipe) instead of needing wins in all four dances; effective January 1st, 2011. This change will be reviewed next Novemeber to measure its effectiveness.

-The combining of age groups in the grades shall be reduced from three to two.

-Non-GTA feises who desire some leniency with age groups due to smaller numbers are encouraged to write to the Regional Director and the Feis Liaison with requests in a timely manner for review.

-Dancers who compete prior to the official end of their adjustment period shall serve double the remaining time before competing again and a fine of $500 shall be deemed payable by the school. The school has the option to expel the dancer from their school, in which case the $500 fine will not be required. As such, it is every dancer's and every parent's responsibilty to verify the official end date of such adjustment periods with their new teacher. They are advised to ask their new teacher for an official copy of the transfer confirmation form.

-Effective January 1st, 2011, a $25 transfer fee to be payable to IDTACE must accompany all transfer applications.

Info for NAIDC 2011, Nashville TN

Here is everything I know about the 2011 NAIDC:

Dates: Teachers' Convention Friday July 1st; Dancing Saturday July 2nd to Wednesday July 6th inclusive.

Location: Gaylord Opryland Hotel, Nashville Tennessee

Judging System: Rotating panels of three per round

Hosting Region: The IDTANA Executive Board

President - Lisa Petri ADCRG
Vice-President - Tim O'Hare ADCRG
Secretary - Russell Beaton ADCRG
Corresponding Secretary - Vincent O'Connor ADCRG
Treasurer - Sandra Connick TCRG
Seargant at Arms - Kevin Broesler ADCRG
President Emeritus - Michael Mullane ADCRG
with assistance from Regional Directors and many, many volunteers

Qualification Requirements:

-U8 and U9 may enter at teachers' discretion
-Any open championship dancer may be entered. Preliminary Championship dancers who earn their wins to qualify for OC by May 1st must move up to OC as of May 1st if they are entering the NAIDC on this option.
-U10 and up must either be in Champ or qualify at their regional Oireachtas. The qualifying formula is calculated as the top ten plus 25% of those who actually danced on the day.
-the option to enter based on recalling at the previous NAIDC has been rescinded
-dancers who qualified for 2010 but had to sit out due to a judging conflict are automatically entitled to enter the 2011 event; the same applies for 2011 status being deferred to 2012
-dancers who qualified for 2010 but did not attend for any other reason (transfer, illness, injury, personal choice) must meet a qualification listed above in order to enter the 2011 event

Competition Notes:

Soft shoe dances will be danced two-at-a-time for all ages.
Hard shoe dances will be danced three-at-a-time for all ages.
Set dances (including u8/u9 traditionals) will be danced one-at-a-time.
For events where the panels rotate, traditionals must go one-at-a-time in North America. If the panels do not rotate, this decision is up to the event's organizing committee.


Judges submitted their names in early 2010. Voting occurred at the 2010 IDTANA convention last July. Results of the ballot will be released in early December after the results of the All-Ireland ballot have been announced and all regional qualifiers are complete. Adjudicators who officiate at the 2011 All-Irelands may not also adjudicate the 2011 North Americans.

Musicians have until December 10, 2010 to submit their names for consideration. Voting among registered teachers will decide the list of musicians to be invited. Interested musicians should follow the weblink at:

Ceili Dancing:

Amendments to figure dancing shall include splitting competitions into "girls" and "mixed" groups. A mixed team requires only one male (as opposed to the World syllabus which requires more) and no more than 50% of the girls can compete in both a mixed figure and a girls figure in the same age group.

Ceili requirements shall follow the same rules published in the World syllabus for the duration of each dance and the point of conclusion.


The entry due date is (as always) May 1st. A late date with a late-fee penalty of double the entry fee shall be May 8th.

Official Website: (not much information so far)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Worlds 2011 Preliminary Schedule

This was just sent out from the Dublin office.

Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne 2011 /Time table by days only.

Sunday 17th April 2011
Girls under 11
Girls under 12
Boys under 11
Boys under 12

Monday 18th April 2011
Girls under 13
Girls under 14
Boys under 13
Boys under 14
Junior Dance Drama under 16

Tuesday 19th April 2011
Girls under 15
Boys under 15
Boys under 16
Mixed Ceili under 13
Girls Ceili under 13
Mixed Figure under 13
Girls Figure under 13

Wednesday 20th April 2011
Mixed Ceili under 16
Girls Ceili under 16
Mixed Figure under 16
Girls Figure under 16
Girls under 17
Girls under 18

Thursday 21st April 2011
Girls under 19
Girls under 16
Boys under 17
Boys under 18
Men under 19

Friday 22nd April 2011
Ladies under 20
Girls Ceili under 19
Ladies over 21
Senior Dance Drama

Saturday 23rd April 2011
Men under 21
Men over 21
Ladies under 21
Girls ceili over 19
Girls figure over 16
Mixed ceili over 16
Mixed figure over 16

Compeitions may not run in the order shown above although they will run on the day they are listed against.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Camp Rince Ceol Decision Reversed

Great news for ECR campers and counsellors who were planning to attend Camp Rince Ceol.

The decision to deny the camp OPEN status has been reversed, meaning dancers may now participate without risk of establishing "associations" with other campers and instructors.

Whether you are heading to this camp this summer or not, have a great one!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Worlds 2011 - 2012 - 2013

The following is for information purposes only. It was reported at the recent meeting of An Coimisiun in Dublin. This information shall be deemed unofficial until the syllabus is distributed later this year. Anything you read here is subject to change and I will not be held responsible should any changes occur. All information is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

The 2011 event will be held over the period of April 16-24 which is really late due to Easter being so late. There is a desire to end the Championships on Holy Saturday to allow people to enjoy Easter at home and/or to enjoy an Easter brunch at the CityWest in southern County Dublin. On-site accomodation will be priced per room rather than per person and all rooms are well sized. A link to the website is included for informational purposes only. Rooms are not ready to be booked yet.

Plans for the competitions include running three halls, all of which will be equal in prestige. The schedule will be tightened up to make better use of the stages to eliminate downtime as much as possible.

The judging system shall remain as it was for 2010 (three rotating panels of five judges) because we are in the second of a two-year term BUT there is an amendment to be aware of.

Due to both popular demand and CLRGs quest to find the best possible judging system, the high and low scores from each round will be dropped - thereby giving a maximum total score per round of 300 and a maximum total championship score of 900. This is on a trial one-year basis.

Ceili teams will be expanded to: u13 u16 u19 and 19&o; regional/national qualifying events do not need to change age groups because of this announcement; mixed figure choreography will only require four boys per team to enter those competitions.

Solo dances are:

MU19-21 R TJ
M21&O R HP

Splits for NAIDC 2010, Orlando Florida

With the exception of Girls Under 8, all girls solo championship events will be split this year (this includes Senior Ladies).

Camp Rince Ceol

Anyone registered for the above camp needs to read the notice below. Camps involving Irish dance portions involving children from more than one Irish dancing school registered with CLRG will be considered equal to a workshop so the camps must apply for OPEN WORKSHOP status to exempt the participants from being connected to each other due to the current Workshop Association Rules. Such applications have a due date and a list of criteria to follow, as one would expect.

Where a camp such as CRC does not achieve OPEN status, all of the dancers attending will be deemed "connected". This means their teachers can not judge any of the dancers in attendance, their classmates and their workshop associaitons. If any of the instructors are certified teachers, then the same will apply to them too.

Anyone applying for camps where Irish dancing is featured should always check with their teacher first because attending could negatively impact an entire school.


Dear Fellow Teachers & Adjudicators,

This weekend we received word that Camp Rince Ceol has not been granted "Open Workshop" status by An Coimisiun for 2010. The Rules Committee felt that the "aims and activities of the camp did not reflect the intended 'spirit' of open workshops".

Camp Rince Ceol has been providing a wonderful Irish dancing summer camp experience for the past 11 years. Our camp was founded on principles fostering our Irish culture and heritage. We have always paid careful attention to keep our workshops focused on dance basics; never teaching new material or altering material taught by campers' TCRGs. We have offered workshops in Irish music and Irish language, in addition to our dance workshops.

We take great pride in our program and have always followed the rules set forth by An Coimisiun. We want our Irish Dance community to know that we are presently working on an appeal. We feel confident that An Coimisiun will work with us to clarify any changes we need to make to bring this to a positive outcome. If you would like to keep informed of our progress you can look to our website, or ‘Friends of CRC’ on Facebook.

We appreciate any support you can provide and thanks again for your patience while we complete the appeal process.


Camp Rince Ceol

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dates For 2011 AI and W

A Chara,
Please note the dates of the All Ireland & World Championships 2011.

All Ireland: 19th-27th February 2011.
World: 17th-24th April 2011.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 Great Britian Hotel Booking Info

Dear Teacher,

We are proud to announce this year's Great Britain Championships, to be held at Butlins Resort, Bognor Regis, from 15-18 October, 2010.

The dedicated GBs website will go live on Sunday 25th April at:

The Teachers' booking line will open on 10th May 2010 at 9 a.m. BST. You MUST quote Great British Irish Dance Championships 865 and provide your CLRG registration number, which will be cross-referenced against the current CLRG list. You will not be able to book without your number.

Booking lines open for non-teachers on Monday 17th May at 8 a.m. BST. Non-teachers MUST quote Great Britain Irish Dance Championships 862. If non-teachers book in the first week their bookings will be cancelled and deposits returned.

Please note that the week between the two dates above is the only opportunity for Teachers to book without the risk of an under-occupancy charge being levied on under-occupied rooms.

The booking line number is 0845 070 4785 (+44 845 070 4785 from overseas).

We look forward to welcoming you, and your dancers and their families, to another fabulous Great Britain Championships. Should you have any queries please email

Yours sincerely,

The Southern England Regional Council
[All GBs information is available on the GBs website at]

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nationals 2011 Information

*AGM June 30th
*Competitions July 1-5
*MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, NV
*Rooms at $149++
*Judging applications currently online; judges will be voted for in July 2010 (Orlando convention); ballots will be held in trust until after all regionals are over
*Automatic replies were sent to every judge who e-mailed an application (if you didn't get a reply then your application didn't go through)
*The number of judges per panel and if the groupings will be set or rotating will be decided at the Orlando convention as well

IDTANA Scholarships

Has anyone from the ECR received one of the IDTANA scholarships? If so, please drop me a line at:


IDTANA and Regional Dues


Effective 2011, all dues for the ECR and IDTANA will be collected in June to co-incide with the cut-off date for dues payable to An Coimisiun.

The change is occurring to tidy up the loophole of elapsed time between submitting paperwork from one body to another with respect to workshop conflicts and associations.

Traditional Set Dance Speeds

Blackbird 144
Job of Journeywork 138
King of the Fairies 130
Jockey to the Fair 90
St. Patrick's Day 96
Garden of Daisies 138
Three Sea Captains 96

As taken from the 2010 All-Ireland syllabus.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

2010 ECRO Senior Age Groups & 2011 Worlds Senior Age Groups

Confirmation from the Oireachtas Chairperson of An Coimisiun allows me to publish that the dances for Senior ladies will be SJ/TJ. Senior men will do R/HP.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recently Certified ADCRGs to Consider For Feises

From The Derry Exam, September 2009:

Darina White ADCRG, Drogheda, Co. Louth
Lorainne Farrell ADCRG, Tuam, Co. Galway
Fiona Diggins ADCRG, London, England
Anthony Murnane ADCRG, Co. Dublin
Tracy Taaffe ADCRG, Co. Cavan
Gavin Doherty ADCRG, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Bernadette Fegan ADCRG, Bray, Co. Wicklow

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Worlds 2010 Results - Day Eight (Sunday)

What a wrap-up to what seemed like a never ending week.

In the Ladies Under 21, Emily Lupiano from Sue Fay Healy was sooooooooooo close missing the medals by only one, and Lauren Stewart from GC placed 19th.

In the Seniors, Emily Penner from BFOC placed 3rd, Emily Babyn from NFOC placed 10th and Heather Adlam from GC placed 18th. Collen McKay from NFOC recalled as well as Rae Giguere from BFOC.

Congratulations also goes out to Michael Keane of the Short school for recalling in Senior Mens and to Nick Andison from BFOC for recalling in the Junior Mens category.

Well, that's a wrap for 2010. Awesome job by our region. Recall or not, always remember it is a huge achievement just to be here and that hundreds of dancers would love to have the chance you had to compete. Well done everyone.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Worlds 2010 Results - Day Seven (Saturday)

All rounds for the boys are complete. Teams are underway.

Recalls went to Ben Fraser of GC and Mark Brenyo of WS in Men Under 18 and to Mike Newman also of WS in men Under 19.

Results not due for another 3-4 hours.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Worlds 2010 Results - Day Six (Friday)

Good Friday brought recalls for:

Colleen Daly of Woodgate-Shamrock in Ladies Under 18 and four ladies in the Under 19 section: Rebecca Stewart of Goggin-Carroll, Ashley Davidson of BFOC, Kait Andrushko of Woodgate-Shamrock and Shaunessy Sinnett of the Corrigan school.

Congrats ladies!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Worlds 2010 Results - Day Five (Thursday)

More medals for Team ECR

Boys Under 17
Lorcan Balfe placed 8th, Patrick Andison placed 9th (both from BFOC) and Lucas Lawton from Short earned himself a recall medal.

Girls Under 17
4th place for Corinne Gallibois of BFOC and 7th went to Erinn Brown of McGinley. Congratulations to Lindsay McBride from NFOC for her recall.

ECR Medal Count
Corrigan 1
McGinley 1

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Worlds 2010 Results - Day Four (Wednesday)

The Highs and Lows of Day Five.

Michaela Hinds from BFOC proved masterful in GU15 by taking her second consecutive World Championship title. Way to go Michaela. You continue to shine and thus, inspire us all.

Sadly, there were no other recalls for the rest of the ECR girls in the U15 section nor for any of the girls in the U16 competition.

ECR Medal Count

BFOC - 2
Corrigan - 1

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Worlds 2010 Results - Day Three (Tuesday)

Girls Under 14:

Recalls for Laura Pastor of BFOC, Claire Gallibois of BFOC, Justine Bongers of BFOC and Alexa Petersen from Corrigan.

The final result has been given.

Girls Under 13:

Recall for Avery McNair of BFOC

Set dances are still underway.

Well done everyone!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Worlds 2010 Results - Day Two (Monday)

Recalls for:

Boys U13 - Lee Tanner from Gilchrist-Canavan and Keelan Paliani from Corrigan

Boys U15 - Garth McBride from NFOC

No placement medals for the boys but great marks for each of them.

Congratulations guys.

Worlds 2010 Results - Day One (Sunday)

A great start for Eastern Canada

2nd place in Boys Under 11 for Liam Grant of BFOC
11th place in Girls Under 12 for Kylie Paliani of Corrigan

Lots of personal bests for the rest of our competitors.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Changes to Contemporary Set Dances

Effective September 2010, all jig set dances will carry a minimum speed of 66.

Changes to HP tempo set dances are under review by the Music and Dance committee of An Coimisiun.

Judging NAIDC 2011

Names have already been sought. Submissions end May 31, 2010. Voting will occur in Orlando at the National Convention in July 2010. Results will be withheld until all qualifiers are over.