Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dancers Attending College/University Far Away From Home

An Coimisiun has recognized that many senior dancers attend post-secondary school too far to attend classes regularly at their actual dance school.

As such, dancers will be allowed to participate in the class of a school near their Uni/College without creating an association conflict for both schools.

The only restriction is that the student may not be judged by the hosting teacher.

Teachers children attending University/College too far away from home are included in this ammendment.

Worlds 2010 Update

It is intended to run the event with rotating panels of five judges for solo events at next year's worlds, subject to receiving enough applications to adjudicate. The second-option will be rotating panels of three judges.

Entries will be handled on-line and teachers are asked not to wait until the last minute to submit them.

The Thistle Hotel in Glasgow has been selected as the main Headquarters. Rooms are still available (no phone bookings; online only).

Grade Exams

An Coimisiun offers Grade exams from 1-12, which measure proficiency in Irish dance. These was set up in part to offer something different for dancers who are less into the competitive side of dancing.

Passing the twelve exams will better prepare one for the TCRG/TMRF exam, which dancers are eligible to sit for in their twentieth year.

Dancers who earn a minimum of 71% on Grades 7-12 will be exempt from taking the dancing portion of the TCRG/TMRF exams, provided the take the test within five years of completing Grade 12.

Rule: Grade 11 and Grade 12 must be taken at different times and officiated by different examiners.

There will be a Grade Examination seminar at the IDTANA mini-convention in April (location to be determined).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

IDTAC Executive Board

2008-2010 Executive Committee Members

Regional Director - Yvonne Kelly, ADCRG
Vice Regional Director - Rose Johnson, TCRG
Treasurer - Michelle Brady-Hanlon, TCRG
Corresponding Secretary - Mary Bryan, ADCRG
Recording Secretary - Ryan Carroll, ADCRG

Vice-President to An Coimisiun - Rose Fearon
Regional Representative to An Coimisiun - Ryan Carroll

Next Election: March 2010

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Attention: Future Exam Candidates

A 3 day Ceili and Traditional set dance workshop will take place in the Studios of Rince Na hEireann/ Sandra Connick TCRG, Charlotte North Carolina.

email -

Teacher = Mary McElroy ADCRG from Dublin Ireland.

Items to be covered = 30 Ceili dances also all trad sets to include 3 sea caps, Jockey to fair & King of fairies.

Cost for same = $250 Sun 25th Oct 1pm - 7pm Mon 10am - 4pm, Tue 10am - 4pm.

Course suitable for all TMRF. TCRG. ADCRG candidates

2010 Junior Trophy

Congratulations to the Rose City Feis in Windsor, Ontario for being awarded the honour of hosting the 2010 NAFC Junior Trophy next August.

All Ireland 2010 Adjudicators - Announcement

Below is the official list of judges for next year's All Ireland, to be held in Killarney.

Adrian Stewart - SCOTLAND
Aedin Ui Mhaoileidigh - IRELAND
Brendan O'Brien - IRELAND
Brian Grant - CANADA
Charles Moore - IRELAND
Gerard McQuaid - IRELAND
Isabella Fogarty - IRELAND
Marie Connell - ENGLAND
Pascal Lyons - IRELAND
Rosetta McConomy Bradley - NORTHERN IRELAND
Tara McConomy Doherty - NORTHERN IRELAND
Vincent O'Connor - USA

New CLRG Examiners - Announcement

Congratulations from IDTACE to the following recently qualified examiners who will join the list of many very distinguished members in assessing potential TCRG, TMRF and ADCRG candidates.

Anthony Costello, Brendan O'Brien, Gabrielle Hall, James McCutcheon, John Morgan, Mary McElroy, Mona Ni Rodaigh,Vincent O'Connor.