Thursday, May 27, 2010

Camp Rince Ceol Decision Reversed

Great news for ECR campers and counsellors who were planning to attend Camp Rince Ceol.

The decision to deny the camp OPEN status has been reversed, meaning dancers may now participate without risk of establishing "associations" with other campers and instructors.

Whether you are heading to this camp this summer or not, have a great one!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Worlds 2011 - 2012 - 2013

The following is for information purposes only. It was reported at the recent meeting of An Coimisiun in Dublin. This information shall be deemed unofficial until the syllabus is distributed later this year. Anything you read here is subject to change and I will not be held responsible should any changes occur. All information is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

The 2011 event will be held over the period of April 16-24 which is really late due to Easter being so late. There is a desire to end the Championships on Holy Saturday to allow people to enjoy Easter at home and/or to enjoy an Easter brunch at the CityWest in southern County Dublin. On-site accomodation will be priced per room rather than per person and all rooms are well sized. A link to the website is included for informational purposes only. Rooms are not ready to be booked yet.

Plans for the competitions include running three halls, all of which will be equal in prestige. The schedule will be tightened up to make better use of the stages to eliminate downtime as much as possible.

The judging system shall remain as it was for 2010 (three rotating panels of five judges) because we are in the second of a two-year term BUT there is an amendment to be aware of.

Due to both popular demand and CLRGs quest to find the best possible judging system, the high and low scores from each round will be dropped - thereby giving a maximum total score per round of 300 and a maximum total championship score of 900. This is on a trial one-year basis.

Ceili teams will be expanded to: u13 u16 u19 and 19&o; regional/national qualifying events do not need to change age groups because of this announcement; mixed figure choreography will only require four boys per team to enter those competitions.

Solo dances are:

MU19-21 R TJ
M21&O R HP

Splits for NAIDC 2010, Orlando Florida

With the exception of Girls Under 8, all girls solo championship events will be split this year (this includes Senior Ladies).

Camp Rince Ceol

Anyone registered for the above camp needs to read the notice below. Camps involving Irish dance portions involving children from more than one Irish dancing school registered with CLRG will be considered equal to a workshop so the camps must apply for OPEN WORKSHOP status to exempt the participants from being connected to each other due to the current Workshop Association Rules. Such applications have a due date and a list of criteria to follow, as one would expect.

Where a camp such as CRC does not achieve OPEN status, all of the dancers attending will be deemed "connected". This means their teachers can not judge any of the dancers in attendance, their classmates and their workshop associaitons. If any of the instructors are certified teachers, then the same will apply to them too.

Anyone applying for camps where Irish dancing is featured should always check with their teacher first because attending could negatively impact an entire school.


Dear Fellow Teachers & Adjudicators,

This weekend we received word that Camp Rince Ceol has not been granted "Open Workshop" status by An Coimisiun for 2010. The Rules Committee felt that the "aims and activities of the camp did not reflect the intended 'spirit' of open workshops".

Camp Rince Ceol has been providing a wonderful Irish dancing summer camp experience for the past 11 years. Our camp was founded on principles fostering our Irish culture and heritage. We have always paid careful attention to keep our workshops focused on dance basics; never teaching new material or altering material taught by campers' TCRGs. We have offered workshops in Irish music and Irish language, in addition to our dance workshops.

We take great pride in our program and have always followed the rules set forth by An Coimisiun. We want our Irish Dance community to know that we are presently working on an appeal. We feel confident that An Coimisiun will work with us to clarify any changes we need to make to bring this to a positive outcome. If you would like to keep informed of our progress you can look to our website, or ‘Friends of CRC’ on Facebook.

We appreciate any support you can provide and thanks again for your patience while we complete the appeal process.


Camp Rince Ceol

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dates For 2011 AI and W

A Chara,
Please note the dates of the All Ireland & World Championships 2011.

All Ireland: 19th-27th February 2011.
World: 17th-24th April 2011.