Sunday, October 2, 2011

Want to appear in Feis America magazine?

Paul Seale (a parent in the Corrigan school) has always been generous in sharing his fun feis photos with Feis America, and even jumped in at the Montreal Feis with his beautiful camera to capture the cover shot on our September/October issue of the NAFC Junior Trophy Championships. 

Paul has graciously offered to be a clearinghouse for feis photos from Eastern Canadian events through  This means that parents and teachers and dancers can send digital images along to Paul and he will organize them in such a way to make it easy to publish them in Feis America and on the Go Feis! Irish Dance Blog at

There are some basic requirements to note before submitting photos, such as: the need for photographer permission to publish the image, the names/schools/location of photo subjects as well as the event and date, and a photo release confirmation for any minor subjects.

Feis America magazine is hoping to feature an Eastern Canada event, teacher or group of dancers monthly on the Go Feis! blog with results and photos from competitions 2 times a month.  Someone from Feis America magazine will again be present at the Eastern Canadian Oireachtas this year and will handle running commentary and posting of results each day.

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