Sunday, March 13, 2011

Message For All Feis Musicians In North America

Sent: Wed, Feb 23, 2011 1:10 pmSubject: Music for Feisanna in North America

Hi everyone. Hope all is well with each of you and that we are all looking forward to spring!!!!

The reason for this email is to make you all aware, as feis musicians of some new and a reiteration of some older rules.

Effective MARCH 1 (NEXT WEEK) the speed for St Patrick's Day in the traditional set competition will be 94.

Effective January 1, 2010 the speeds for Beginner and Advanced Beginner Reels and Slip Jigs is 118.

Also currently in effect(pertains primarily to Prelims and Open Championship competitions) only the prescribed number of bars of music to be played will be played. What this means is for Reels and Jigs only 48 bars of music is to be played and for Slip Jigs and Hornpipes only 40 bars of music is to be played. This rule has been around for a good while but has not been adhered to but it must be now. What it means is basically if a dancer does not start after the proper introduction, the musician(s) cannot add the number of bars to the dancers' performance i.e. the dancer false starts or missed the start. The same would apply to set dances. The onus is on the dancer to start correctly. Please adhere to this to avoid potential problems that could crop up.

If you have any questions, feel free to get back to me. If you know of someone who may not be on the group list above, please let me know and pass the information along. Thank you.

James Early
(Mid-Atlantic Regional Director)

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  1. Hi Jimmy,
    Hope you and family are well. Been a LONG time !
    Ellen is getting married June 25th..Falkirk Estate,Woodbury N.Y.( off Rt 32 )
    I want to hire your Irish Step Dancers to perform at the reception.
    Jimmy, I know this is short notice. It would mean so much to me and Ellen. It will be a surprise for her, a gift from me to her. She holds those days dancing for you with such regard. She is so proud of those days.As am I.

    Ellen is a school teacher now, 25 years old and marrying the greatest guy. Eight years together!
    I feel sooooo old !
    She is still the most wonderful person in the world. You would be so proud of the woman she has become. I know having you and your dancers on her very special day would mean the world to her Jimmy.
    I have no phone number for you Jimmy and have been sending messages to you through the internet.
    If you get this, would you give me a call.
    My e-mail address:
    Thanks ever so much Jimmy.
    Ann Hennessy O'Leary